McKilliop Realestate Agents not to be trusted

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McKilliop Realestate Agents not to be trusted

Postby mitch » Mon May 21, 2018 4:57 pm

Review 1:
Just a heads up about the real estate agents in this careful who you list your property with in the Southern Highlands....I have had items stolen during an " inspection"......all cupboards gone through and left open, couldn't organise appt times or give me any decent feedback......very unprofessional and lazy female agents.

Geez, I reviewed McKilliop Agents once they blocked me! I was shattered. They just caused emotional grief to my family.

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Re: McKilliop Realestate Agents not to be trusted

Postby Chris Roubis » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:24 pm

Last year before I moved to the delightful Southern Highlands, I had a really disgusting episode with Mckillop Real Estate. Seems we signed an intent letter and shook hands and went home to Sydney. 1st call Monday was that we didnt get the house and the agent who promised it was a done deal showed it to another and the upped the bid. I had to call my wife, who called her equally distraught mum to deliver the news. I suggested the main agent think again. 2. He calls back and says we have the house after talking to the seller. 3. Calls again and says offer was upped via another party and that was that. I again had to deliver the bad news. I did not make a threat but said if the offer was not accepted by me after the handshake, I be on his doorstep by 4pm that day. Bluff was called but I arrived at 410pm. I called the agent out and suggested he call an ambulance. He started crying like a 5yo. Forward 11 months and he still spooks to the point today he called the Police because I intimidated him. I told them exactly what I told him. I doubt he is hung enough to fornicate himself, however, both parties got the idea. My coffee went cold too!
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The agent I had from McKillop was totally useless. No feedback whatsoever, no property reports, nothing, went through all my cupboards ....😡 items were missing. Promised the world but delivered nothing.Had to sack her before the End of our contract. Total crap, would never deal with or recommend this agency.
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