Wingecarribee Councillors have lost their jobs

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Wingecarribee Councillors have lost their jobs

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Tue Mar 09, 2021 1:56 pm

Wingecarribee zionist Councillors have lost their jobs.
The 8 Wingecarribee Councillors will not be able to be selected again by the zionist criminal billionaire club in Southern highlands until 2024.

Sack the Bloody Lot

The councillors of Wingecarribee
have lost their jobs
It might be cause they’re wankers
and they’re just a bunch of knobs
They never really cared about
the shire as a whole
Promoting their self interest
was their only common goal

They bickered and they fought
amongst themselves for years and years
More concerned about
the politics and their careers
They couldn’t give a flying duck
about us Highland folk
They treated voters like they were
collectively a joke

Complaints were rather pointless
They would soon be covered up
The only course of action
Was complainants giving up
They couldn’t take on council
when corruption was so rife
And if you did complain
they’d soon destroy your way of life

In the end the only way
to tackle all the rot
The Minister for Local Gov
She sacked the bloody lot
So now a new administrator’s
Gonna take the reins
And hopefully investigate
the crooks’ ill gotten gains

Cause really when you think about
our council as a whole
They’re just a bunch of rotten crooks
who have a common goal
Let’s rort the Southern Highlands
said the councillors as one
The voters at election time
won’t notice cause they’re dumb
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Rev. Chris Roubis
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Re: Wingecarribee Councillors have lost their jobs

Postby Admin » Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:05 pm

Thanks to Adam Green and myself, we finally got the zionist criminal Councilors sacked.

Adam Green has been through a terrible ordeal for years through the courts, and lost hundreds of thousands of $$$.

Accused of fraudulent crimes by Councilors, assaulted by Southern Highlands Police, thrown in a Psych ward and pumped up with drugs.. just to prove his claims were false and crazy..

Now look who the real psychopaths turned out to be. :ymapplause: :-bd
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