Illuminati Symbolism: 2012 London Olympics, Mummified Baby

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Illuminati Symbolism: 2012 London Olympics, Mummified Baby

Postby creampie » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:02 pm

Illuminati Symbolism: 2012 London Olympics, Mummified Baby Depicting Elitists Sacrificial Beliefs?


Well, this is my second report on the newly surfaced photos of the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony which took place last night, July 27th, 2012.

There is a new photo circulating around Facebook which consists of the following:

I find this to be very odd in regard to all of the obvious secret societal symbolism which can be seen from the lighting around the stadium and even in the mascots of the Games. This just fits right in with the speculation of the 2012 Olympics being carried out by the ruling class/Illuminati families.

As we know the Illuminati are into Satanic rituals which usually include the killing of young children, the drinking of human blood, and the consuming of flesh and human organs so this would only make sense, if it is true that these Games are being orchestrated by Illuminati, that they would sub subliminally depict a mummified baby surrounded by nurses and hospital beds. Could this image have some under lying message revealing the sacrificial beliefs of the secret society?

The following statement is from a follower and fellow contributor of We Are 1776′s Facebook page/website (he has amassed a large amount of knowledge of this secret society):

The baby represents the birth of the Antichrist. Humor me for a second. Lucifer is a copy cat of Christ. Remember the star leading the wise men to Jesus. The same thing happened over the Done of the Rock in Jerusalem with the ball of light ufo on January 28, 2011. That is what the Luciferian New World Order is celebrating. So my guess is humanity has about thirty years before the Antichrist appears and claims to be the savior of the world. Because as you remember that’s how old Jesus was also when he made himself known. Like I said, Lucifer is a copy cat. And the Luciferian New World Order franchise of the Rothchilds actually honors him and is making the world as one in anticipation of his arrival. They even have the microchip implant ready for every person. The only thing holding this event at bay is the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The pyramids outlining the top of the stadium at the 2012 Olympic Games is the symbol of the Luciferian illuminati. The heart of the illuminati world order is the United Nations. The Luciferian Order is pulling all nations in to itself with international treaties making all nations subservient to itself. The world is being made ready for the Antichrist.

Maybe all the concerns about the Games being a victim of a false flag attack of some sort could be true according to the symbolism and hall marks of false flag events? Remember the 2010 Rockefeller/GBN (Global Business Network) think tank document titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” (click on the hyper linked sentence and it will take you to the article. Then read it or proceed to the very bottom of the article from Liberty Tactics and click on the actual document link). In it they describe 13,000 dying at the ”2013” Olympics (well, instead of the 2013 it is 2012) as a possible scenario for the future? Well, these are the type of red flags we have to take into consideration as possible evidence of a false flag to be carried out on an event.

As I did in the last article, I’ll let you decide for yourself as to whether or not the games will be victim of a tragic planned false flag attack and if these photos fit in with the rest of the ruling class/Illuminati symbolism. ... to-5275/0/
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