Corrupt Chris Hili of NSW Police Force Goulburn

no Honour no Integrity no Due Process. Covering up Police Assaults and Gov crimes. Crooked Cops and Organized Crime gang.... Hume LAC, Goulburn LAC, Bowral Police Station, Moss Vale Police Station, Mittagong Hwy Patrol.
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Corrupt Chris Hili of NSW Police Force Goulburn

Postby creampie » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:09 pm

Corrupt Chris Hili of NSW Police Force Goulburn

Not a care in the world about my property being vandalized and damaged by Geoff Hanratty crime family of New Berrima Southern Highlands general Store.

Chris Hili promised to see me, but never arrived. I called 2 other days and they told me he was out and will find him to call you back... guess what... not one reply.

I eneded up going to Bowral station and the lady behind the counter told me she would put all security photos and videos into his pigeon hole, but did I ever get a response from Chris Hili... nope.
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