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Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:33 pm
by WingecarribeeShireCouncil

Charlie Romeo Oscar Oscar Kilo Sierra

I tell you what
That Charlie Johns
Is such a rotten crook
And when this shonk ends up in court
The judge should throw the book
He's ripped the Highlands off
For many years without remorse
A dirty rotten scoundrel
And a psychopath, of course

Charlie’s gotten into bed
With other crooks (no doubt)
The cops should lock him up
The courts should never let him out
He cares not one iota
For the Highlands as a whole
This type of crook will rip you off
With all his heart and soul

His good mate Nicky Campbell-Jones
Is just another crim
He’s somehow made a fortune
Even though he's rather dim
The only way he got so rich
Was ripping off the poor
This greedy former politician’s
Crooked to the core

Councillor McLaughlin
Is another mate of Johns
He lives on Mt Gibraltar
But in jail he belongs
For ten long years
He’s ripped the shire off for all it’s worth
The type of crook who prob’ly
Was a crook at time of birth

Charlie’s other crooked pal
A Whopper with his lies
Larry’s now in bed with Johns
He’s since been compromised
He knows of Charlie’s crooked ways
He‘s known all along
But Whopper looks the other way
When crooks are doing wrong

The only place these crims should be
As far as I can tell
Is sitting in a prison
In a drab and dreary cell
They need to be exposed
For all corruption they have wrought
They need to be convicted
In Moss Vale Local Court

So people of the Highlands
I won't beat around the bush
We need to give these crooks a shove
They only need a push
And when they're under lock and key
For each and every crime
The Highlands can rejoice
The crooks are now all serving time