Goulburn Police assault and taser Bowral man to death

no Honour no Integrity no Due Process. Covering up Police Assaults and Gov crimes. Crooked Cops and Organized Crime gang.... Hume LAC, Goulburn LAC, Bowral Police Station, Moss Vale Police Station, Mittagong Hwy Patrol.
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Goulburn Police assault and taser Bowral man to death

Postby creampie » Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:22 pm

Goulburn Police are notorious for their violent assaults against the public. Goulburn Police are also experts at fabricating the truth to cover their criminal behaviour.
Here is an article about a man named Kevin Norris, that was tasered to death at Bowral Police station by Goulburn Police.

http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/n ... 7181707845

Notice Goulburn Police (organized crime gang) and the criminal Zionist Media will not mention the details of what happened to Kevin Norris at Bowral Police station. He just slumped to the ground and died, that covers thier asses. No doubt the security CCTV footage will most probably be reported as faulty, or not on at the time also
Goulburn Police are waiting for any dumb witness to come forward and tell their side of the story, then Goulburn Police have plenty of time to fabricate their version of events, before court.

Any witness reading this, please do not say anything to Goulburn Police. You are just giving them ammunition and information on how they can proceed to fabricate their version of events, to cover themselves. Best thing a witness can do is tell your side of the story in court... not to the criminals with a badge.

Oh, lets not forget those officers that alleged to be injured and taken to hospital, was only done for the media, and to legitimize their version of events, with the behavior of Kevin Norris.
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