Michael Darby sexually harassing a cb radio operators wife

Michael Darby Notorious Sexual Predator Stalker & Neighbourhood Peeping Tom
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Michael Darby sexually harassing a cb radio operators wife

Postby Chris Roubis » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:20 pm

Michael Darby sexually harassing a cb radio operators wife..

Here is a TXT message from Mick to Jennifer Richardson. This poor lady has been harassed, verbally abused , threatened, intimidated, taunted, stalked, by Michael and his druggo friends...because she declined his sexual advances...

This is just a fraction of what Michael Darby has done to many other human beings that have visited Berrima Communications at 13 Argyle Street New Berrima NSW Australia.

As soon as Jennifer Richardson told Michael to f**** off, that's when Michael Darby showed his psychotic side.

Michael Darby went on a campaign to harass, intimidate, defame and discredit Jennifer, so no one would believe anything she said.

Michael Darby even got his druggo houso friends from South West Sydney to taunt Jennifer and her husband outside their own home...for years after... even damaging their vehicles.

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