Vanessa Darby calling my family members telling them I'm stalking her

Michael Darby & Vanessa Darby Notorious Sexual Predators Stalkers & Neighbourhood Peeping Tom
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Vanessa Darby calling my family members telling them I'm stalking her

Postby TEMPEST » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:17 pm

This is the latest from the synagogue of satan sexual predators of the Southern Highlands =))

I have been told today by one of my sisters, Cleo, that Ex-houso Vanessa Darby has been calling my family members in Maroubra that I have been stalking her :ymsick:

Vanessa Darby thinks by playing the victim, her hubby is going to look like the good guy. =))

That's harassment Vanessa Darby!
But i'm sure my family members in South East Sydney will be very happy to be a witnesses in a courtroom when the time comes :-bd especially with telstra phone logs. :-bd

Vanessa Darby, didn't you learn anything from your best pals, the Hanratty family at the general store?
They too did the same thing by contacting my family members, when I exposed their dirty laundry also. =))

The Darby family feeling the pressure :-bd desperately resorting to psychological operations against me, hoping that if they defame me, then their own dirty laundry is null and void :))

Cleo told me there's nothing to worry about, they all have been informed about Vanessa Darby. :-bd
And when the need arises, they will be witnesses in court. :-bd

Oh Vanessa Darby, why don't you get the Greek phone directory and call up my relatives in Sparta also =))

Like I said in many posts before, too stupid to realise what your doing to yourselves :-bd

Vanessa Darby, you probably would of got more sympathy from my family members if you just told them your upset at me for exposing your immoral husband on the internet... instead of telling fairy tales, that I am stalking and harassing you =))

Here is more of Vanessa Darby crying wolf again, when she spotted me one night visiting my new girlfriend.

Also here is the real stalkers chasing me down and stalking me in their vehicle yesterday afternoon. Then Charging at me outside my home carrying a hand gun ( Michael Darby's modus operandi )Video footage Proof.
A Storm is coming... to wash away the filth

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Re: Vanessa Darby calling my family members telling them I'm stalking her

Postby toni » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:45 pm

Communist dictum- "Accuse the enemy of those crimes you are guilty of."

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