New Berrima Geoff Karen Hanratty bashing my front door down

Red Neck bullies. Tax cheats. Paying their family staff cash in the hand. Biggest shithole I have seen in a long time. The whole property is collapsing. Department of health issues. Food Authority issues. Occupational health and Safety issues. They are still in business because of their Wingecarribee Council family ties.
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New Berrima Geoff Karen Hanratty bashing my front door down

Postby creampie » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:45 pm

After the ‪psychopath Geoff hanratty‬ stopped bashing down my front door with a piece of timber, I decided to confront him on camera.

Notice the smirk on his face while he lies through his teeth.. its all a game to him... here is the damage to my new door... I didn't even notice it until Goulburn police asked me if they damaged the door on the phone..

Don't throw stones at me like Geoff Hanratty did today.. or hit the side of my house and front door with timber, while I'm inside, in rhythm ...then pretend he didn't do it... Hanrattys are more cowardly than the lion in the wizard of Oz.

Oh lets not forget Karen Hanratty messaging me on facebook.. you're not my type Katie, .. so piss off or you will be blocked again.

Just because we are in the same Facebook group called, "Southern Highlands Photography" does not automatically give you the right to message me whenever you want.

Katie Hanratty, coming onto my property and knocking on my front door is trespassing and harassment.

Karens General Store Harassment and threats.jpg
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