Hanratty's still crying wolf, that I am threatening and Harassing them

Racist Supremacists. Hate Crimes towards Neighbours. Department of health issues. Food Authority issues. Occupational health and Safety issues. An illegal business kept afloat because of Wingecarribee Council Corruption. This crime family is above the law and no Police Department wants to deal with it.
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Hanratty's still crying wolf, that I am threatening and Harassing them

Postby Chris Roubis » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:20 pm

Hanratty's still crying wolf, that I am threatening and Harassing them :)) while the legal hammer is slowly coming down on them.

As Hanratty's continue to cry to every authority under the sun about me, I am continually being praised, by authorities, and of-course I am also getting their support. ^:)^

The Kosher Mafia in our local government are starting to turn their backs on the Hanratty family. :-bd

The Hanratty family are loose cannons, Wingecarribee Council and Boral Cement do not want the spotlight on themselves no more, so they have stopped supporting them. No one wants to associate themselves with the Hanratty family no more. :))

Lets see how long the General Store can last, now that Boral and Wingecarribee Council have stopped bringing them customers daily.

General Store was slowly dying little by little each year, even with the Kosher Mafia supporting them. :))

Hanrattys have done enough damage to peoples lives over the years. From now on, they are all going to be accountable for their actions. ^:)^

I told Geoff Hanratty to take me to court, years ago...but he knows he and his family have always been in the wrong. (my barrister will have a field day with them)

Now that the Hanratty's are unsuccessful with their fabricated claims trying to get court action against me, they have decided to try and make Bowral Police take me to court. :)) because of my posts online about them in here. b-(

But that won't work either for them. =)) You really think HUME LAC, Goulburn LAC, Bowral Moss Vale Police are that stupid?

Hanratty Family think if Bowral Police take me to court and they lose, then Hanratty doesn't need to pay a cent. but if the Hanratty family takes me to court and they lose, then hanrattys have to pay court costs and my Barrister's costs. :))

Bowral Police are already aware of this, they already told me :-bd

Karen and Katie Hanratty keep trying to bait me, so I slip up and do something wrong, and then the Hanrattys have something to take me to court on.. 8-}

Bowral Police have told me this also, but I already knew what the hanrattys were trying to do. :-bd

You will eventually see more and more changes in New Berrima, because the powers to be are starting to listen to me, while their backs are turned away from the Hanratty family.

Karen Hanratty & Katie hanratty cannot threaten and terrorize local residents anymore about their connections to Wingecarribee Shire Council etc.
Geoff Hanratty's nickname "The Mayor" has become null and void, just like his virtual empire. =)) :ymdevil:

Everything you do to me Karen Hanratty, Katie Hanratty, Geoff Hanratty, including your circle of houso friends and family, gets recorded on these forums for the court... when the time comes.. and it will come I assure you. ^:)^

If you don't want your names in here, then don't terrorize me , do not threaten, harass, intimidate, assault me with 3rd party persons, or trespass on my property, no dumping toxic waste in front of my home, no bashing the walls of my home with timber or throwing stones.

Its very simple.
Rev. Chris Roubis
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