Tim Lennon of Australia Post turns a blind eye to it all

Racist Supremacists. Hate Crimes towards Neighbours. Department of health issues. Food Authority issues. Occupational health and Safety issues. An illegal business kept afloat because of Wingecarribee Council Corruption. This crime family is above the law and no Police Department wants to deal with it.
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Tim Lennon of Australia Post turns a blind eye to it all

Postby Chris Roubis » Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:33 pm

Australia Post Tim Lennon NSW Area Manager from Strawberry Hills NSW visited Karen Hanratty today to discuss their criminal behaviour towards residents of New Berrima.

Tim Lennon's objective was to visit me and try to shout myself and the inspector coffee and lunch, just to settle the matter by pretending to listen then making sure all past criminal actions of New Berrima Post staff, never took place... even though i have plenty of video footage that they did.

Tim Lennon calls the criminal Hanratty Family of psychopaths "outstanding citizens , doing a great job for the community." :))

Tim Lennon of Australia Post turns a blind eye to it all... even when Inspector McCarthy of Bowral Police Station, proves my claims are true... Tim Lennon stays in denial to protect his vested interest. L-)

If anyone has any past or present bad experiences with the AUSPOST General Store New Berrima, and would like to share them, do not contact Tim.Lennon@auspost.com.au, but rather try the board of directors for Australia Post instead.

Also Inspector McCarthy of Bowral Police Station is involved.
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