Bully at the dog park in Moss Vale today

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Bully at the dog park in Moss Vale today

Postby Chris Roubis » Tue May 15, 2018 6:37 pm

Got into a confrontation at the dog park in Moss Vale today. Apparently I'm not allowed to use the Jew word, when Jews are talking about Politics in our "Australien" Government.

These guys were bagging out the chinese because they believed it was the chinese behind the chinese shell corporations buying up Australia cheap from our Jew government... I had to correct them :)

This guy Brian was foaming at the mouth as he's waving his hands in the air and walking closer and closer to me calling me all sorts of names. While Brian was spitting saliva from all parts of his mouth, I kept walking backwards, I didn't want to find out what might happen if I had to defend myself. (I don't like hurting people).

Anyway the second time he went off at me, I asked if everybody was watching to act as court witnesses.. he decided to back off again, and said don't mention Jews when we talk Politics again. (I'm not fooled by the labour and Liberal parties that they hide behind.) if they were Muslim or Chinese running our governments, I would still be mentioning their ancestry... and I bet you would be the first to cry out, "Bloody Muslims."

That was my excitement for the day :) Oh and by the way for those that thing I'm racist, my recent girlfriend is a Jew. Her father is a high level Freemason that practices Satanism. Her Mother is in the illuminati, who sends christmas presents every year to Julian Assange (CIA Agent). If people do wrong to other people, I am always going to speak out... it's in my nature.

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