Pet Owner stupidity in Bowral NSW

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Pet Owner stupidity in Bowral NSW

Postby creampie » Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:17 pm

Walking my dog today at Venables Park in Bowral NSW of Merrigang Street.
Saw a Toyota Hilux, Dark Grey, number plate ACE63U, parked under the sun in 27 degree weather on Venables Park land. Suspect he was having beers at his friends house in No. 77 Merrigang Street Bowral.

He has 5 dogs in the car, windows all closed except for one , that is opened only 2 inches, no water in the car.
If anyone recognizes this dumb fool, please take his dogs from him, and never let him own pets ever again.
No point calling Goulburn Police (Bowral) they will not do anything unless its in the interest of their corporate masters. No point calling RSPCA, as they are a corporation with no interests in animal welfare.
Pictures below.
Pet Owner stupidity in Bowral NSW
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Pet Owner stupidity in Bowral NSW
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Pet Owner stupidity in Bowral NSW
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Pet Owner stupidity in Bowral NSW
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