Clr Graham McLaughlin is a crook.

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Clr Graham McLaughlin is a crook.

Postby WingecarribeeShireCouncil » Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:51 pm

Rather than retiring and sailing off into the sunset on his yacht, this long-term criminal needs to be investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Office of Local Government (OLG), the NSW Ombudsman, the NSW Police Force, and the Labor Party – both state and federal.

Clr McLaughlin is a crook.

He masquerades as a battler from the cement works and lifetime card carrying Labor man yet the only membership cards he carries is for Tattersalls club and the Cruising yacht club in Rushcutters bay.

For twelve years he's been a corrupt politician.

And part of his retirement should be spent at Goulburn Goal, preferably the Super-Max.

When I recently confronted this dodgy councillor outside the council chambers, he didn't handle it well.

"You're a crook and a thief," I stated for all the world to hear.

He didn't know what hit him. And like every crook I've bailed up for the last five years in the public domain, his response to my accusations of corruption were met with stunned silence, an arrogant smirk, an attempt to laugh-off my allegations, and a quick trip to his car in an attempt to avoid any further exposure.

If Clr McLaughlin was legit, if he was honest and above board, if he was someone who practised integrity, transparency and accountability, he would've confronted me and said, "How dare you make accusations like that against me when I'm squeaky clean as a councillor, and always have been. If you've got allegations to make against me, let's have a sit down meeting, and you can present your evidence forthwith. I can assure you, that being a man of the highest repute, I'll be able to refute any accusation you make against me."

But he didn't say that. He (awkwardly) slunk off to his car, and pretended the whole encounter never happened.

That's how crooked councillors in the Highlands have been reacting for three decades in this shire.

Ignore the criticism, and hopefully it'll all go away.

Well in the case of Graham McCrooklin, the scrutiny of his corruption has only just begun.
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