Wingecarribee Council criminals vs Whistleblower

Most Corrupt Council in NSW Australia... supporting their private and business interests. they all cover each others backside. All working for the same masters.
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Wingecarribee Council criminals vs Whistleblower

Postby WingecarribeeShireCouncil » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:44 pm

I was convicted for a crime I didn’t commit based on fabricated evidence by a criminal who collided with corrupt goulburn police officers.

It occurred on 6 November 2018. It occurred at Moss Vale courthouse. The criminal involved is Charlie Johns and the corrupt police officers are senior Sergeant Matt McCarthy and Senior Constable Susan Devlin.

They belong to the Southern Highlands Police Division. Because the local police refuse to take on board any of my complaints about the notorious criminal, Charlie Johns, I've started to expose Johns's crimes (with evidence) on my facebook page – Defying Defamation.

Yesterday, I was served with an amendment to the AVO that Johns initiated against me, which states that I'm not allowed use social media to expose Johns any further (attached). It's abuse of power by the police and a further attempt by police to muzzle a whistleblower while attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Johns is a well known in the community and he has the protection of police and councillors at Wingecarribee Shire Council. I've got troves of evidence of council corruption, as well as undeniable evidence of police corruption.

I've made numerous complaints against the local police with the integrity department, but none of my grievances have been addressed, in fact, I've just been ignored – which is how all the crooks in the Highlands operate, they just go silent.

There's so much more about this case that I'll need to go into detail about.

Here’s a link with all the evidence of corruption – ... cb6Oq0xa9D

Here’s a video that show’s the absurdity of a defamation case that’s destroyed my life –

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