Wingecarribee Council developers guide to success

Most Corrupt Council in NSW Australia... supporting their private and business interests. they all cover each others backside. All working for the same masters.
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Wingecarribee Council developers guide to success

Postby Chris Roubis » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:32 am

Wingecarribee Council developers guide to success 13-STEP GUIDE

This is exactly what happens in our neck of the woods due to our Wingecarribee council being the most corrupt council in Australia ...

Step 1. Buy some cheap rural land (preferably with flooding or longwall coal mine subsidence issues).
Step 2. Get mates in Government to rezone the land, preferably high density residential, but medium or low density can work too.
Step 3. Build impressive dry rockwall at entrance to estate, and give it a double-barrelled name eg; Green Grove, Grassy Grove, Grovey Grove, etc.
Step 4. Install sign next to entrance wall with stock photo of backlit family flying a kite in a meadow.
Step 5. Build town, announce infrastructure to be built sometime in the future.
Step 6. Sell!
Step 7. Profit!
Step 8. Take extended Bahamas or Cayman Islands holiday.
Step 9. Cancel infrastructure due to 'Flaws in Feasibility Study conducted by previous administration'
Step 10. Announce next stages of development will require significantly higher residential density, citing industry-backed, mythical 'housing crisis' or 'housing shortage'.
Step 11. Community unrest over lack of facilities and/or increased rates to pay for added infrastructure.
Step 12. Company name change
Step 13. Go back to Step 1.
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