Southern Highlands Police corruption

Government's Organized Crime syndicate.. no Honor, no Integrity, no Due Process. Covering up Police Assaults and Gov Corporate crimes. Always targeting Aussie battlers, and never the Zionist Elite that pay their wages.
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Southern Highlands Police corruption

Postby WingecarribeeShireCouncil » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:31 pm

Attn: Superintendant Schilt,

I’m about to release a damning video documentary exposing three of your officers for long-term corruption, including details of the conspiracy by the following officers to have me falsely convicted of a crime I didn’t commit

Inspector John Klepczerack

Senior Sergeant Matthew McCarthy

Senior Constable Susan Devlin

I’ve submitted numerous complaints about these corrupt officers, but instead of undertaking a thorough and independent investigation of my grievances, your local command whitewashed my complaints, and there was a major cover-up.

It’s totally inappropriate that Sergeant McCarthy handle the matter below, and I call on you, the most senior officer at Southern Highlands Police, to assign an independent officer to investigate, someone other than the officers listed above, and preferably someone from outside the district.

The reason that Sergeant McCarthy is attempting to handle this matter himself, is because he doesn’t want other (legitimate) officers to interact with me, knowing full well I’ll scream blue murder about bent coppers and the fact I was stitched up by a common criminal on fabricated charges with the full support of the officers listed above.

I’m in conflict with Matthew McCarthy, and that conflict means he should not be handling any alleged allegations against me. He’s a corrupt police officer.

I just want to also say that this matter will never end, and I’ll continue using my remarkable skills at documentary making and satire to expose your officers, and indeed, your command, for long-term entrenched corruption.

I’ll do this for the rest of my life, if necessary. But it will never end – up until the time internal police authorities properly investigate the aforementioned officers with an independent inquiry.

I’m happy to be interviewed about the matter below by John Donlon, a long-term Bowral resident, and someone I’ve been reliably informed is free of corruption.

Can you please personally respond to this email. The allegations I’ll be making in the documentary I’m about to release, and documentaries in the future, are very serious charges of police corruption, and they need to be addressed by the commander of Hume District Command.

Should you not personally respond to my email within 48 hours, I’ll be posting this correspondence to my Facebook page, Defying Defamation, while also forwarding it to all major media outlets, and dozens of journalists I’m constantly in contact with.


Adam Greenwood
Ph: 0409 871 763

On 26 Nov 2019, at 6:42 am, Matthew K Mccarthy <> wrote:


Police at the Southern Highlands Police Station would like to speak with you regarding 'possesin of a knife in a public place'. As a result of this knife being confiscated from you it has generated an investigation by police attached to a Sydney Command.

Following Sheriffs Officers taking the knife an investigation as to why you were in possesion of a knife and/or why you attempted to introduce a knife into a court facilities. I am advised that police have been awaiting your attendance in Sydney folowing the confiscation however this hasn't occured.

I am happy to assist you if you would like. Either call into the station and/or reply by email with sufficient information so as to address your reasons for the possesion.

I am working today should you wish to call in.


A/Inspector Matthew McCARTHY | Southern Highlands | The Hume Police District
New South Wales Police Force
Email: | Phone: 02 48697899 / 66899| Fax: 02 48697811 / 66911
| 67 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale, NSW 2576.
 Please consider the environment before printing your emails and attachments 

-----Forwarded by Matthew K Mccarthy/28813/Staff/NSWPolice on 26/11/2019 6:03 -----
To: Matthew K Mccarthy/28813/Staff/NSWPolice@NSWPolice
From: Alexa Henderson/41657/Staff/NSWPolice
Date: 26/11/2019 4:09
Subject: Adam GREENWOOD [DLM=For-Official-Use-Only]
Hi Sir

I have a job to interview Adam GREENWOOD created by Sydney City Police in relation to a lockable folding knife sherifs found in a camera bag of GREENWOOD's when he attended court in Sydney a few months ago. Sheriffs called police, police seized the knife and contacted GREENWOOD about collecting the knife and supplying a reason for it's possesion he kept saying he would attend but never did. Hence the job to interview him about it.

I am aware that you have spoken with Adam GREENWOOD in the past, can you assist please.

Alexa Henderson
Senior Constable
Southern Highlands Police Station | The Hume Police District
67 Elizabeth Street Moss vale NSW 2577
Ph: 02 48697899 | EN Ph: 66899
Fax: 02 48697811 | EN Fax: 66811

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Re: Southern Highlands Police corruption

Postby Chris Roubis » Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:23 pm

The organized crime gang Goulburn police did the exact same thing to me. ... f=33&t=893

They illegally searched my car and claimed they spotted a knife on a center console that my 4x4 didn't have...

Assaulted me in the charge room, while I had my arms to my sides as ordered... just So the acting inspector could hit me from behind.

11 officers witnessed it, they scattered away like nothing happened. Asked the charging Officer who was that that hit me, he said he didn't see anything.

My lawyer, Michael Doughty in Moss Vale shop 2 of Moss Vale Arcade ( just another Controlled Opposition ) in his place of business, told me not to pursue it, or they will target me for life.

All these zionist pedophile Moss Vale Local Court gangsters, who run the Jewdicial System, :ar! all work for the same zionist government masters that feeds them. So no surprise how much they cover up government crimes.

Click on the above link to read more.
Rev. Chris Roubis
I am a Spartan by blood.. My Native American Spirit Guides named me Chief Little Horn. Biblical tribes Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtal, Manasseh... were Aegean Greek tribes. ^:)^ You know your vibration is high when animals & children are naturally drawn to you.

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