Qantas and their Cloud Seeding program

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Qantas and their Cloud Seeding program

Postby Chris Roubis » Sat Apr 11, 2020 12:25 pm

Qantas and their Cloud Seeding program

Chemtrails have been sprayed by Qantas and their global partners such as British Airways in decommissioned and remodeled planes, as well as a variety of military aircraft in countries such as Australia. Chemtrailing, also known as geo-engineering, weather modification and atmospheric aerosols, is a massive business operation since 2008 in Australia when huge grants were given by corporatist and closet-socialist Malcolm Turnbull to modify the climate through the spraying of reflective aerosol chemtrails. Under the guise of "cloud seeding", Rupert Murdoch's Australian Rain Corporation and partner's have pounded our nation with these toxic heavy metals. They have become the norm in a few short years, and now the Gillard Govt has written into the new national curriculum "Persistent contrails: 3 types of contrails", among other United Nations corrupted climate lies from the IPCC.

The metals in these aerosols have been clearly identified across Western nations and Australia. The aerosols were listed on the QLD Govt Climate Change website, in a pdf document, with no health or environmental effects detailed.
Barium, alumina etc. are extremely bad for human health, this is a national disgrace!! Fight back now for your children's future!!

Watch the movie "what in the world are they Spraying?"
Google and youtube: chemtrails, HAARP, chemtrails Australia

The climate is also being modified through the heating and expanding of the upper ionosphere using project HAARP. There are huge atmospheric Rivers, narrow corridors driven by jet-stream winds which have a direct affect on ocean currents and are being greatly impacted by the use of weather modification. These have been used to cause the Queensland floods, tsunamis, "tornado belts", droughts etc. You can look at seismic data, elf waves in clouds and on radar prior to these disasters, and data from the HAARP induction magnometer for further evidence.
Across the world now people make their own extreme weather forecasts with high accuracy by predicting from these tell-tale signs of "weather warfare".

There are three US military bases in Australia that receive the signals from the Alaskan base. The elf waves were well documented in Australia prior to many natural disasters. These waves have a well documented ability to control human emotions and depress the spirit of man.
This is part of a US global military agenda of "owning the weather by 2025" and is part of a wider US/UN/Israel agenda to install a New World Order through covert means. Russia and China also are engaged in this "weather war" with the US.
Please sign this!:
Queensland's Chemtrails and Geo-engineering Abominations , Chemtrails Australia
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