Boral Cement fight club open in New Berrima

Boral Cement / Blue Circle poisoning the Environment since 1870's
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Boral Cement fight club open in New Berrima

Postby creampie » Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:59 pm

Katie Hanratty, NSW Justice Of Peace, ordered 2 Boral truckies to assault me again

Here is video footage of the last 3 she sent to assault and harass me: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=946

Katie Hanratty of New Berrima General Store, upset of Parking on Argyle Street New Berrima.

Katie Hanratty got the opportunity to spite me, just like her mother has been doing by parking outside my place.

As soon as I got home, I decided since my space was taken, to park infront of Katie Hanrattys car.

Check out the video and see how upset the Hanratty's are, taking photos .. I bet they will even claim I damaged her vehicle.

All she has to do is park in so many other places, like she has been doing for years, and I can park in my spot again, but nooooo, its all about spite and intimidation.

2 neighbours saw it all happen... called the Police.

When one trucky is bashing your kitchen window down, and the other is confronting you, as I went outside, and throwing punches to your face.. ignoring my calls to get off my property because he was trespassing and invading my personal space, you have to not let them any closer, or you become vulnerable. Legally It's already assault when they get in your face anyway.

I tried to lure him into my home , away from Katie Hanratty's camera phone. He walked half way towards my front door, but stopped.. Looks like he still has a few brain cells working. =))

I was good enough to not throw any punches or smash this guys head, as his swinging punches were a laugh and made him vulnerable if I decided to join in. I knew Karen and Katie Hanratty were recording me on my property border.

I did push him with my foot, as a warning, but he refused to leave. So he kept throwing punches at me while i kept dodging them .
I didn't need to lift a finger. :)) as this guy continued throwing punches, he even started kicking me =))

I let the guy get real close to me, some of his punches landed on my face, but they felt like a 3 year old was touching my face. =)) WTF?
Either this guy fights like a fairy, or I timed myself well on every one of his punches :-bd Honestly guys, the teasing was so much fun.. \m/

Is it wrong to enjoy the adrenaline rush.. im starting to enjoy the attention. Can't wait for next match fight organized by Katie and Karen Hanratty again :-bd

Katie next time go with more boyfriends to attack me at once, get them to make a circle around me, and make sure your recording again..
I reckon a good number is about 6 truckies surrounding me in a circle.

The Neighbors said they enjoyed watching this guy try to punch me, and I didn't need to raise my arms up to block or punch back.
I told them it would of been different if Katie and Karen wasn't filming me. They would of had to scrape his face and skull from my front lawn.

I even managed to sing some christmas carols while being punched and attacked. Hope I sound good Katie :o) I do not want any dubbing, I want everyone to hear my natural singing voice.

Do all of Katie Hanratty's boyfriends from Boral Cement fight like little girls? @};-

Katie are you still humping Rodney George, from Multiquip Transport? or did you dump him when he wasn't useful anymore.

When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.. Oh Katies boyfriends must already have fleas... from the 5 boral cement truckies I have seen so far that have come to assault me over the years.

Katie Hanratty continues to flaunt her genitalia at those boral cement boys at lunch time.. They make good loyal soldiers and customers, that will do anything for Katie Hanratty.. desperately showing their loyalty to her, by doing anything for her, thinking they will get some ass..... sad really.

Katie Hanratty has been known in the past to date some boral boys. I guess when they submit so easily to Katie hanratty, you cannot stop a dog in heat :o3

Notice this guy made his Boral Cement Yellow hard hat disappear from my camera lens.

If you want more video footage of the theatrical assault, while Im singing a christmas carol... ask Katie Hanratty, she recorded some of it on her cell phone.. it will probably be on youtube soon... watch out for it..

Make me famous katie :-h

Side by Side Scaffolding and Rigging Services Pty Ltd

Goulburn Police even found his pen on my lawn. :-c =))
Those punches he was throwing at me, sure took a toll on the poor guy LOL.. its a wonder his still had his clothes on. :(|)

Goulburn Police told Katie Hanratty to remove her car from outside my place.
As soon as she did that, I was able to park there again.. the look on all the Hanratty's faces including the youngest little criminal daughter.. was priceless.. if looks could kill 8-x

As I was reversing back into my spot I was watching Goulburn Police trying to calm the Hanrattys down... too funny. :ar!

You are allowed to park anywhere on council public road.. even near the petrol bowser.. there are no signs saying you cannot. Hanrattys only have permission to use council road for business.

They threatened to tow my car away, I said be my guest. :(|)

Also you are allowed to take out there 5 cameras hanging over the public footpath and public road. Courtroom will agree with you. Their cameras don't bother me, since I don't shop in that filth they call a store.

Look at Katie Hanratty and Karen Hanratty recording with their cell phones in the background.
They are enjoying harassing and intimidating me at my home... why not, since they always choose the fighters and the place.. just like in the ancient Roman Colosseum...

Katie and Karen Hanratty has them all on speed dial. They are never far away since they all work for Boral Cement/Blue Circle and are her loyal shop customers at lunch time.
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The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to stay silent.
Don't let Bullies and Terrorists step all over you.

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Boral Cement fight club open in New Berrima

Postby creampie » Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:28 pm

For next event, please contact organized crime syndicate Katie Hanratty.
make sure to buy your tickets now.

How Ironic from someone who is a Justice of Peace :)) :)) :)) =)) =)) =))

Every time the anti christ Hanratty family don't get their way with me, it seems its always the norm for them to always cry to my family over the phone. =)) after the assault and harassment and bullying has ended.

If nothing else, at least my family keep in touch with me thanks to the Hanratty's =))

Katie and Karen Hanratty are too stupid to realize they keep hurting themselves and their run down business, nothing changes with the bullying tactics they started 2 years ago... I will always be me and you cannot change it, no matter how many truckies you order to my door. It's 5 so far, can you make it 10 Katie?

That place could of been so huge and so loved by residents. But they have thrown it all away years decades ago... Every Neighbour keeps saying the Hanratty's don't know a thing about running a business. =)) Duh.. that's obvious... they have no competition in the area.. so they should be thriving.
But you cannot take the evil criminal bogan mentality from the Hanratty family..its in their blood.. they keep proving it again and again. :))

the Hanrattys are all class LOL =))

Now all they look forward to is boral staff and some lazy residents that don't want to travel to Moss Vale Coles Supermarket.

through Hanratty's bullying and criminal activities towards me, I have met some wonderful people in the neighborhood.
I normally stick to myself, but meeting such wonderful people is such an honor and a privilege... ^:)^
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to stay silent.
Don't let Bullies and Terrorists step all over you.

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Boral Cement fight club open in New Berrima

Postby creampie » Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:32 am

Today I'm still thinking of the look on Goulburn Police's faces when they asked me yesterday if the other guy really threw punches at me.

I told him why would I lie. Ask Katie Hanratty to show you her recording on her cell phone.

the over 6 ft Police officer replies, but I don't see any marks on your face, you sure your telling me the truth.

I said to him, I have been trained in martial arts... Go have a look at her video recording you will understand..

The Police officer nodded his head and understood, before he went to see Katie Hanratty's video recording. and interview some witnesses from across the road :))

A little example of Muhammad Ali using the same technique..

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to stay silent.
Don't let Bullies and Terrorists step all over you.

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