Computer Repairs Eletronics Repairs in Southern Highlands

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Computer Repairs Eletronics Repairs in Southern Highlands

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:16 pm

Computer Repairs Electronics Repairs in Southern Highlands for businesses.

Do you run a Large Firm and need a diligent and trustworthy Technician to repair your clients equipment on a regular basis?

Look no further!
All work is carried out in my home office. Will go on site, only in emergencies.
I charge 1/2 the price because I have no overheads, and my trouble shooting skills are excellent, so less time means less fees for your business.

I do not do private repairs... sorry.
You must be a large organization, with lots of work.

Work Guaranteed!
All work is guaranteed for 6 months, except if something different fails, which is not caused by my work.

No Contracts!
Send me work to fix, whenever you need to.
I am currently helping out a large firm, that has contracts with the big Major Supermarkets and big Banks. I only get work when they are over run, or when some things are too hard for them... so I'm looking for more work.

Try me out!
If your not happy with my work, then you don't have to see me again.

Kitchen Appliances
Office Equipment
Business Equipment
EFTPOS terminals
Apple MAC
Power Tools
Mailing equipment
Folding equipment
2 way radios
Radio Control equipment
Security equipment
Audio equipment

***Anything that can be repaired**

Chris Roubis
Email: [email protected]
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