Woolworths manager Jason Hall (dirty cop)

The Pedolice of Golburn Police Force. Organized Crime syndicate.. no Honor, no Integrity, no Due Process. Covering up Police Assaults and Gov Corporate crimes. Always targeting Aussie battlers, and never the Zionist Elite Corporations.
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Wingecarribee Shire Council
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Woolworths manager Jason Hall (dirty cop)

Postby Wingecarribee Shire Council » Wed May 04, 2022 5:07 pm

Mr Hall,
I’ve accused you in the public domain of conspiring with corrupt police officers to frame me for a crime I didn’t commit.
Please find below a number of questions about your fabricated statements to police back in 2018.

I reserve the right to ask you further questions in the near future.

For the sake of clarity, the questions I put to you speak about myself in the third person.
I encourage you to respond to my inquiries as a matter of urgency.

Adam Greenwood
Ph: 0409 871 763

Why did you fabricate an incident involving Adam Greenwood and Charles Frederick Johns on 9 June, 2018 in which you lied to police when you said you were a witness to a crime?

Now that there’s overwhelming evidence of you making false and misleading statements to Hume Police Division, are you willing to name the people who coerced you into making fraudulent claims?

Was it Garry Turland?
Was it Charlie Johns?
Was it a combination of Turland and Johns, along with one (or all) of the following officers?
Senior Constable Susan Devlin?
Chief Inspector John Klepzcarek?
Sergeant Matthew McCarthy?

In your statement to police, you alleged Adam Greenwood abused you with vile language and malicious threats including, “I know who you fucking are, I’m not fucking stupid.” What motivated you to fabricate something Adam Greenwood said, when the two of you didn’t actually have any interaction on 9 June?

In your statement to police about the alleged incident on 9 June, you stated the fruit and veg manager, Joe Morabito, escorted Adam Greenwood from the premises, but in the statement by Charlie Johns about the same incident, he told police Adam was “pushed” out of the supermarket by a male customer. Even though the entire confrontation on 9 June was fabricated, why did you and Mr Johns differ in your statements to police?

Charlie Johns stated to police that Adam Greenwood chased him round the fresh food section for five minutes while yelling and screaming, and while also using disgusting profanities and abusive and threatening language. In your own statement, you told police that after the alleged incident, you were forced to apologise to numerous customers in the immediate vicinity of the confrontation because of such abusive conduct. Where’s the incident report in which you wrote up details of the alleged criminal assault that affected customers so badly that a number of them were "upset"?

The policy around Woolworth’s incident reporting is very strict. All visits by the police with regards to any incident must be recorded by managers and staff. Police attended Bowral Woolworths about the alleged altercation between Greenwood and Johns five times between 9 June and 26 June. There should be five incident reports that detail the police attending the supermarket (as per the statement by the investigating officer, Sen Const Susan Devlin). Where are those official reports?

On 9 June, police twice attended Bowral Woolworths about the Greenwood/Johns matter. Why didn’t you provide an official statement to police on 9 June (the same day the alleged criminal act was perpetrated in a supermarket in which you were the store manager)?
Why did you wait until 26 June to make your statement about the alleged criminal act – 17 days after the incident took place?

Why didn’t you immediately ban Adam Greenwood from Woolworths after he supposably committed a crime in the supermarket in which you were the store manager (especially seeing as you witnessed the alleged crime)?

Are customers able to break the law in Woolworths’ supermarket, while still being able to shop there?

As a witness to an alleged crime, you stated for the record, “The statement made by me accurately sets out the evidence that I'd be prepared, if necessary, to give in court as a witness. The statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tended in evidence, I will be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything that I need to be false, I do not believe to be true.”

Why did you make that initial statement knowing you were about to provide false and misleading to the police (and ultimately the court)?
Were you paid any bribes to help frame Adam Greenwood with a crime he didn’t commit?

If you were paid money or other inducements to be part of the criminal conspiracy against Adam Greenwood, who were the people who paid for your fabricated evidence? Was it any of the following –

Was it Garry Turland? Was it Charlie Johns? Senior Constable Susan Devlin? Chief Inspector John Klepzcarek? Sergeant Matthew McCarthy?
In your statement of 26 June, 2018, you stated, “I was behind the seafood section of the supermarket, Samuel Putland said, ‘You better go to produce boss, something is kicking off.’”

Is Sam Putland willing to make an official statement to police to confirm he actually said that to you on 9 June, 2018 at 9.35am (regarding the confrontation between Adam Greenwood and Charlie Johns on that day)?

Was Samuel Putland a real person when you made your statement? Inquiries have failed to identify Mr Putland as an actual person. Did you fabricate Samuel as a witness to strengthen the veracity of your own statement to police?

The CCTV footage provided by the police as part of the brief against Adam Greenwood doesn’t actually identify Mr Greenwood in the video (footage provided to the police by Woolworths). Did you, or any your staff, fabricate the video supplied to police as part of a criminal conspiracy by Charlie Johns and corrupt police officers?

If Adam Greenwood allegedly entered Woolworths around 9.30am on 9 June, 2018, where’s the footage of Mr Greenwood coming through one of the automatic front doors (based on the supermarket’s policy of having cameras at all doors for security reasons)?

Why is there no footage of Mr Greenwood entering or leaving the supermarket on 9 June at 9.30am or thereabouts?

In your statement of 26 June, 2018, you stated that Charlie Johns asked you to call the police following his alleged altercation with Adam Greenwood. In Charlie’s statement, he told the investigating the officer that he’d actually called the police before speaking to you, the manager. Why did he say one thing, and you say another? Is it because the confrontation between Greenwood and Johns was totally fabricated, and because of the fraud you both perpertuated, you and Charlie didn’t get your stories straight?

In fact, when you asked “Mathew, the Assistant Manager to call the police”, this contradicted a statement made by Charlie Johns.
Who’s Mathew, and why didn’t you provide the surname of your “Assistant Manager”, when he was one of the witnesses to an alleged crime?
Would “Mathew” be willing to make an offical statement to police about his part in the alleged confrontation between Adam Greenwood and Charlie Johns?

In your statement of 26 June, 2018, you stated that on 9 June, you copied “the footage of the incident” to a USB (presumably while the police were still present), only for the police to come back at 4pm that same day to pick up the “USB”. Why didn’t you hand the footage to the investigating officers the moment you copied the footage to the USB? Wouldn’t such an abusive attack on a person warrant the manager of the store to hand over such damaging footage as a matter of urgency?

The investigating officer, Sen Const Devlin, took your statement about the events of 9 June seventeen days after the incident took place on 26 June. At the bottom of Ms Devlin’s hand written document known as the Cops Event and which constitutes your official statement, you’ve included your signature. Next to your signature is your printed name and the date you signed the document. The date reads – 27 July, 2018. This date is in conflict with the official date of the statement – 26 June, 2018. Why did you sign a document as the 27 July, 2018, when the document alluded to a statement made on 26 June, 2018?
Ms Karen Webb – The Commissioner of the NSW Police Force
Sergeant Justine Hazzard – The officer in charge of the investigation into police corruption at Hume Police Department involving Adam Greenwood

Mr Bradford Banducci – The CEO of Woolworths Group
Ms Wendy Tuckerman – The Minister of Local Government
Mr Viv May – The administrator of the Wingecarribee Shire Council
Ms Lisa Miscamble – The general manager of Wingecarribee Shire Council
Various members of the media
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Re: Woolworths manager Jason Hall (dirty cop)

Postby Admin » Wed May 04, 2022 5:09 pm

This Hume Command is outrageous. Not only do they hide the beginnings of a child porn ring, but allowed a Sydney man 3 years freedom to harass and threaten young women. What a cesspit. Are there any honest coppers around?

This conman caused 30-40 families to be harassed and 3 girls to receive death threats because of their inability to do their jobs.
Government is Organized Crime. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. UCC 1-308

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