The oldest written text discovered in Greece 9000 years ago

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The oldest written text discovered in Greece 9000 years ago

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The sign of Dispilios. The oldest written text discovered in Greece 9000 years ago !!!!

The plate of Dispilio is a wooden plate bearing inscribed symbols dating back to 7260 BC. X. and 5250 p. X. The plaque was discovered in the settlement of Lake Dispiliou in Macedonia (Kastoria) by the professor of prehistoric archeology George Chourmouziadis

The Dispilio plate may be an early form of written speech, as similar symbols etched in clay have been found in the Vinca culture in settlements of the southern Balkans. The clear symbols on the wooden sign, which some believe resemble those of the ancient Greek alphabet in its early form, are undoubtedly a form of communication.

In addition, the engraved inscription was potentially a Linear B script used by the Mycenaeans, as they describe activities of the Neolithic man and his culture.

The disciple sign was an early form of communication
Professor Chourmouziadis suggested that such writings, which have not yet been decrypted, could prove to be any of a variety of forms of communication, including symbols representing the count of goods. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a Rosetta Stone to decipher the pre-existing Line B writing.

Similar engraved symbols to those on the wooden plate have been found on small ceramic plates that have also not yet been deciphered.
The sign suffered partial damage when it was exposed to the oxygen-rich environment outside of the mud and water it was submerged in for a long time.

It is currently under scientific maintenance. From 2021, the full academic study on the Tablet Discipline awaits completion of maintenance work.
The coastal prehistoric settlement seems to have been inhabited for a long time since the final stages of the Middle Neolithic Era (5,600-5,000 BC). X. ) up to the Final Neolithic Era (3,000 b. X. ).

Conventional history states that such neolithic discoveries are merely evidence of the protography—conveying limited information rather than proof of an entire language. However, if additional items appear comparable to the Dispilio tablet, they could completely change the history of writing.
Dispilio: Greece's coastal prehistoric settlement
The Paralimnios Prehistoric settlement of Dispiliou is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in northwestern Greece located next to the city of Kastoria.

Near the modern village of Dispilio, a community near Kastoria that shares Lake Orestiada, lies the settlement that offers a lot of information about prehistoric life in the area.

It is located on the Island, on the southern shore of Lake Orestiada, where archaeologists have discovered thousands of objects from the Neolithic Era.

Dispilio plate earlier written Reimagination of family life as lived in the neolithic era in Dispilio, southwestern Greece.
The settlement was discovered in the dry winter of 1932, during which the water level was lower than usual. Remains of wooden puzzle revealed traces of settlement at the point separating a small island from the lake shore.

In 1935 the archaeologist Antonios Keramopoulos conducted a preliminary survey of the area. However, the excavation was not completed as World War II approached.

A systematic excavation work began decades later in 1992 under Georgios Chourmouziadis, professor of prehistoric archeology at Aristotleian University of Thessaloniki. Archaeologists then finally uncovered the ruins of an extensive lake settlement from the Late Neolithic Era, which turned out to be one of the most important and oldest of its kind in Europe.

Thousands of items were found in these excavations, including stone tools, bones and firewood along with animal bones, a discovery that shows the residents were farming, hunting and fishing.

Dispilio sign oldest written Prehistoric settlement in Dispilio. Credit: Greek Reporter
The site found materials used to build the sheds, such as piles of wood in shapes indicating construction work, large clay storage pins and woven baskets.

Ceramic, wooden structures, seeds, bones, idols and personal ornaments were also found by archaeologists. In addition, several cookware — many boat-shaped — along with bone and stone jewelry were found. The most important find of all, however, was a bone flute, which turned out to be one of the oldest musical instruments ever found in Europe.
The oldest written text discovered in Greece and specifically in Kastoria (Macedonia) Greece 9000 years ago.jpg
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