Horse Racing kills

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Horse Racing kills

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In November 2019 a 5-yr-old Australian born and trained gelding was forced to race at Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong. His leg snapped and he was killed.

This horse was originally named Pure Luck. He was raced four times in Queensland under trainer Ben Currie throughout 2016/17. Currie has since been charged with "intended use" of electric shock devices on horses and doping over the time Pure Luck was under his control.

Pure Luck was since exported to Hong Kong and underwent a name change to Voyage King. Here he was raced heavily, his owners accumulating over $900,000 from his exploitation.

In May of 2019 he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both front fetlocks. In September he was found to have substantial blood in his trachea after racing. In November his front leg snapped on the racecourse whilst he was being beaten with a whip toward the finish line and he was killed.

Australia failed this horse and Hong Kong failed this horse.

RIP Pure Luck/Voyage King

We are so sorry for all the pain and suffering you were forced to endure at the hands of this evil industry.
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