Boral Cement noise levels continue to exceed EPA levels

Boral Cement / Blue Circle poisoning the Environment since 1870's
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Boral Cement noise levels continue to exceed EPA levels

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:22 am

Boral Cement noise levels continue to exceed EPA levels.

When you complain to the EPA, they will tell you Boral Cement have been improving their noise levels over the years and have taken steps to improve them. =))

Then the EPA give you fictitious dates of improvements being made by Boral Cement plant to cut noise levels down. =))

If that was true, Boral Cement Plant in New Berrima would of erected walls around its cement plant decades ago, to keep the noise in, just like they have around HWY roads in congested areas.

You complain to NSW EPA, they organize a time to come to your home and do some bogus noise level testing.

but before the EPA arrive to your home, they inform Boral Cement first, so that Boral Cement can shut down part of the Cement plant to cut down the noise.

You inform EPA that tonight is not a good time to monitor the noise, because Boral Cement have shut down the noise.

But EPA ignore you and still want to come anyway. They do the noise testing and are happy that the results are within specifications and leave. Even though the testing results were flawed to begin with.

Corruption at its finest.

I am not the only one that the EPA has done this to in New Berrima.

I have been informed that the EPA have done the exact same thing to other residents over the years.

No Surprise since the Zionists that run NSW EPA are also behind Boral Cement Blue Circle.

Every year its the same recycled excuses from NSW EPA and Boral Cement.
They will tell you they are doing planned upgraded to their plant to lessen the noise later in the year... but they keep telling you this year after year =))

Every year Boral Cement Plant gets louder and louder, with more airborne particles polluting the air we breath.

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